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Web Application
A Web application is an application that is accessed via Web over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. It is the creation and maintenance of software applications to be used on the World Wide Web. It is coded in a browser-supported language (such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable. An application that is delivered using Internet technology and meets one or more of the following conditions:
  :: Utilizes a database (such as Oracle or SQL Server)
  :: Is developed using an application development tool (such as Oracle Internet Developer Suite or Visual Studio)
  :: Extracts data from multi-record files
  :: Requires a constantly running server process (such as Newsgroups and Chatrooms)
  :: Stores input data from data entry screens or web forms
Depending on its requirements, a web application may be an Internet Application or an Intranet Application.
Web application development is performed by specialized programmers, who are familiar with the coding necessary for the creation of Web pages. Web application development can be varied or specific, depending on the needs of the Web pages involved.
One of the most basic types of Web application development involves e-commerce sites. This is the kind of website you see when you shop online. Designers of these sites must anticipate all kinds of unusual customer behavior, as well as heavy traffic, while keeping the server and "shopping cart" up and running.
Another kind of Web application development is used for Web-based office applications. Many offices nowadays use the World Wide Web to conduct their business operations, including all manner of accounting and tracking functions. Conference calls via the Web are also popular, as are file transfers. Web application development for all of these practices is specific and in high demand.
Iris Websoft uses some Standard web applications tools are; DHTML, SHTML, Secure encrypted pages, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, XML, SQL, MySQL, Ajax, Microsoft MS Access, Interbase, creating PDF on the fly, Flash design and others. Feel free to consult with us what tools should be used for your project and why?
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